doctors, lawyers and merchants, because of necessity.
Blacks created a separate thriving community steeped in nation building. They did this by reciprocating with each other, thus creating a thriving community, which became known as "Black Wall Street." Unfortunately, Black Wall Street was eventually destroyed by envious white mobs, at the height of its success. However, it remains as a shining modern day example of what could happen if we pool our resources by supporting each other.

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  Allow me to just take a few moments of your time to ask you to reflect back over the lives of some of the artists gaining momentum during the 1960’s era. So many of them wanted a nation of people to simply think Liberation.

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  If we could go back through time, to the 1920s, segregation forced Blacks in Tulsa, Oklahoma to use the services of Black
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Studio II Production’s, Incorporated would like to proudly introduce to you our newest addition to our line of services…our famous “THINK Liberation Poster”.

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